5 Traits of Great HOA Board Members

Whether you’re already an HOA board member and looking to improve your contributions to the community in which you serve, or if you’re considering becoming a board member and want to know how to be the best one you can be, we’ve compiled a list of 5 traits that make a great board member.

Because being a member of the HOA board is voluntary, there may be a variety of personalities, professions, and experiences that each member brings to the table. As you work together to utilize the strengths of each member’s skill set, you can become more unified and accomplish the goals established for the betterment of your community and its members.

Below are 5 qualities that can help make you a great HOA board member:

  • Put Others First –  Acting in the best interest of the membership will be paramount in being the best board member you can be. Have you ever tried to plan an event or conduct a meeting in which a participant was only concerned about their own needs and/or schedule? It can be very difficult to direct people away from their own interests! This is why it’s important to stay mindful and be aware of your own motivations. Consider the advice, recommendations, and input from others in the community and work together as a board to determine what is best within the guidelines set forth in the governing documents. By looking to others for reinforcement and collectively determining what is best for the community as a whole, you will serve your community in the best ways possible.
  • Be Teachable – Even if you have previous experience as a board member or feel accomplished in your professional career, there is always more to learn. While it is helpful to have the knowledge and the ability to solve problems that may arise, it’s important to be willing to listen to the suggestions, opinions, and feedback of others. Being teachable and willing to act based upon a full understanding of the situation will help you to work as a team, build comradery, and develop communication skills that will be instrumental in your success as a board member.
  • Make Thoughtful Decisions – Without following the proper channels when it comes to making decisions, mistakes can be made that are often costly in terms of time and money. Consider the goals you have as a board and identify the information you need to make thoughtful, well-planned decisions that positively impact the community. Every problem needs a solution; consider the data and work together to determine what moves you closer toward your goals as a board.
  • Follow Through – If a board member takes on a task and fails to follow through, it not only reflects poorly on the entire board but could also be problematic when the task is not completed. Being consistent in your responsibilities and following through with assignments is crucial to the productivity of the board.
  • Be a Team Player – Not every member of your board or community will agree all the time. There is a difference between having a disagreement and discussing differences and being overbearing when it comes to sharing your ideas. Members may disagree, but by being an active listener and considering all points of view before moving forward, you act as a team player. By allowing others to respectfully express their opinions and open your mind to ideas you may not have thought of otherwise, you show that you are willing to compromise and work as a cohesive team for the betterment of the community.

We hope these tips will help you as you serve your community as a volunteer board member. Thank you for taking on the rewarding challenge of contributing to your community through your homeowners’ association! To learn more about how to be the best board member you can be, be sure to check out our certification course for HOA board members.
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