The Benefits of Homeowners Association Living

Planned residential developments, such as a homeowners’ association, are common and come with attractive benefits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages provided by purchasing a home in an HOA.

Maintained Property Values

With architectural controls in place, continuity with original community design standards are maintained and, since residents are held accountable to deed restrictions, home and common areas are consistently maintained. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing environment and protects property values.

Groundskeeping and Amenities

When you purchase a home in an HOA, you enjoy access to the community amenities. While amenities may vary greatly from one community to the next, typical amenities can include anything from a fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, and more. The association charges assessments based on the upkeep and maintenance of the amenities.

An HOA must collect assessments to maintain the property and its amenities. This often includes regular landscaping with over-seeded, well-manicured common area lawns and freshly painted clubhouses.

Neighborhood Support

When living in an HOA, there are certain expectations and guidelines that deter noise and other nuisance activities. Homeowners’ associations will often partner with municipal code compliance to ensure adherence to the rules set forth so that every member of the community can enjoy their home in peace.

Increased Community Engagement

Living in an HOA allows you to be part of a community and is a great way to meet people and make new friends! An HOA provides opportunities for members to gather for various purposes, such as board meetings, community events, amenity enjoyment, etc.

Residents enjoy a socially healthy living environment in which they interact with others who share common interests and goals. This leads to an increased level of community pride.

Opportunities to Serve

Serving on the HOA board is a great way to share your talents and invest in your community.Board members are homeowners who volunteer their time to help keep the neighborhood running smoothly. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and willingly invest in the future of their HOA.

Board members are engaged in activities such as:

      • communication with homeowners in the community,
      • understanding and enforcing the governing documents of the association,
      • collecting assessments,
      • managing the daily operations of the community, and
      • enforcing violations and ensuring upkeep of the property.

If serving on the board is not of interest, there are always ways to serve by volunteering for a committee, such as the Social Committee or the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Committee volunteers serve a specific purpose, such as hosting an annual barbeque, writing a quarterly newsletter, etc.

The benefits of HOA living are more tangible when you become an active member of your community! The advantages of HOA living far outweigh any disadvantages. Because HOAs hold the community to a higher standard, property values are maintained, lasting relationships are formed, and opportunities to serve the community abound. Sign up for our online HOA board member courses to learn more about HOA management.