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Board members, you can expense Boardline to your HOA. It’s a direct benefit to the association, protects its interests, and saves it money.

Solo Plan

$34.97/ month

(1) Board Member

Board Plan

$69.97 / month

Up to (7) Board Members

Solo Plan

$349.97 / year

(1) Board Member
Saves $59.94

Board Plan

$699.97 / year

Up to (7) Board Members
Saves $119.94

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Discover How To

  • Avoid risky legal issues

  • Improve your HOA

  • Manage the finances of your HOA

  • Deal with staffing issues

  • Minimize your workload

  • Improve communication with homeowners

  • Negotiate the best prices with vendors

  • Turn your HOA into a well-oiled machine!

What's Included?

Testing & Certification

At the end of each mastery level, your team members can take a final exam to become officially BA Certified in their area of specialty. This will give your team the confidence they need to execute on their newfound HOA management expertise.


Shareable Badges

Anytime your team members pass a certification exam, they’ll get a shareable online badge that they can display in emails, on LinkedIn, or anywhere else online. These badges make for great credibility boosters when communicating with homeowners.

24/7 Online Access

Most high-quality training classes require air fare, conference fees, per diems, and hotel bills. But Boardline Academy is 100% online, so your team can access their training anywhere in the world, anytime they want, without taking time off work. Convenient, huh?


Affordable Terms

Give us a try, and find out for yourself just how effective and convenient Boardline Academy is! We offer a yearly subscription that can be billed monthly, but if you want to save the most, then we offer the annual payment term as well.

Verifiable Certification

Imagine the pride and confidence your team members will feel when they receive their official printed certification with their name on it. When someone wants to verify a certification, they can come to the website to find out what certifications they accomplished.


Leadership Enrichment Series

Your membership comes with a subscription and companion Boardline Academy leadership enrichment series. This helps you become the leader your community needs by providing you with a collection of personal growth book summaries.

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Take the guesswork out of being an effective board member. It takes more than good intentions to have the most impact on your association; it takes great training, too. Give us a try for free. Just fill out this form to get started.