How to Become a Great Community Leader

Serving your community is a fulfilling role, and one that not all are willing to tackle.

Whether you’re a seasoned board member or you’ve just taken the leap and decided to serve on the board of directors for your HOA, we know taking on a leadership role in the community can feel daunting.

To help you on your journey, here are ten key qualities that make for a great community leader:


Before you can lead others, you must first know your own abilities. Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses; seek to build on your strengths, and know when to ask for assistance in other areas.


As board members, it’s important to communicate vision to the membership. Ask homeowners for their feedback and use that information to create a vision for the future of the HOA. Keep in mind that changing times necessitate the occasional reevaluation of the community vision, and be willing to adjust as necessary.


Great community leaders are able to understand the feelings and/or stance of other parties, imagine different viewpoints, and even recognize how others perceive them.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills such as public speaking, mediating, and collaborating are essential for those serving on a board. You must be able to work well with all types of people, understand how to facilitate change, and work toward common goals.

Eagerness to Learn and Adapt

Be willing to learn and grow in your role; gain knowledge by actively listening to others and know when to change course, if necessary.


To be a great community leader, one must be trustworthy and transparent in order to create a productive environment in which to facilitate safe discussions and enact change. Without these qualities, mutual respect often diminishes and effectiveness is eliminated. Great leaders are often known for their character, or integrity.


Intelligence isn’t just about being smart – it’s about being able to exhibit high levels of social, emotional, and intellectual intelligence.  As a community leader, your competence allows for you to handle the tough issues and provide homeowners with solutions.


Great leaders are intrinsically motivated; they have a desire to learn, grow, and achieve all they can for their own personal satisfaction, but they also care about and are able to motivate others in the community when working toward common goals.


Those who serve with passion exhibit drive to make the community a better place to live, truly care about other homeowners/neighbors, and desire to create solutions for the betterment of the community. To truly connect with others, you must be passionate about your service, goals, and community as a whole.


Volunteering as a board member doesn’t just benefit you – it also benefits the community as a whole. It goes without saying that dedicated volunteers are valuable members of the community. Great leaders are dedicated and inspire others through example.

We hope that you’ve identified most, if not all, of these characteristics in yourself. Great community leaders are very valuable members of society. We applaud you for your service and contribution to your community. Here’s to finishing strong in 2019.

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