The Increasing Need for HOA Board Member Education

Boardline Academy is a mobile application and online platform specifically for HOA board members and those in the HOA industry. We sat down with Boardline Academy President, Cameron Lange, to discuss the reason behind Boardline Academy and the increasing need for HOA education.  

Q1: So, for those who’ve never heard of Boardline Academy, how would you explain it?

It’s mobile learning for HOA board members. However, HOA management companies and HOA industry professionals can benefit from it too. Boardline Academy provides everything boards need to know regarding the HOA industry—how to conduct your first HOA board meeting, how to understand HOA financials, what laws are important to remember, and more. Really, Boardline is a valuable resource to anyone in the HOA industry—especially HOA board members.

Q2: Why did you create Boardline Academy?

All association neighborhoods deserve to be well led. Homeowner associations are led by volunteers, who take their personal time to serve their communities. They take on the burden of liability for important neighborhood decisions.

Boardline Academy was created to equip these volunteers with the tools they need to confidently operate their associations. Our users make better decisions that benefit both the association and the community at large.

Q3: How does Boardline Academy bring value to board members?

Boardline Academy makes board members’ jobs easier. The platform provides board members with courses, reference articles, quick tips, and an-ask-an expert feature that can be accessed whenever. The board training courses range from teaching board members how to effectively conduct an annual meeting, how to understand financial statements, the need for HOA insurance, and more. The best part is that most segments are three minutes or less making them ideal for busy board members. The Boardline Academy Mobile App makes it easy for board members to access the material during a board meeting or while performing other board duties.

Q4: Why is it important for new HOA board members to educate themselves?

For one, being able to keep up with changes to federal, state, and city laws that affect HOAs can be difficult and confusing. This is a big reason why we started Boardline. It’s important for new and existing board members to ensure they thoroughly understand the laws, how it affects their communities, and how to stay in compliance.

And most importantly, it’s important that board members have the resources they need to lead their communities with confidence. Our courses were designed by industry professionals. Because we know the industry, we can provide the most valuable resources HOA boards need.

Q5: What makes Boardline Academy different from other HOA education programs?

Boardline Academy is the world’s first HOA training mobile app. Unlike HOA manager training programs, Boardline Academy was designed specifically for board members. Because we know that board members are busy, our lessons average about three minutes. That means boards can quickly get up to speed on any given topic. Also, our courses stand out by giving board members options on how they want to engage in the lessons. Boards can read, listen, or watch the content. We did this to create an experience that benefits all learning types.

Q6: Why is the need for board member education in the HOA industry so high?

Most board volunteer board members don’t have previous HOA or board of director experience and board leaders change annually. This also means they have minimal knowledge of how to effectively run an HOA. When new board members join an HOA board, the need for training and onboarding them is critical. This has a big impact on the way a board and community operate. That’s why the need for HOA education is so high.

With over one million association board members serving at any time, this underserved audience needs quick-valuable, easy-to-understand resources. And that’s where Boardline Academy comes in. By providing a way for members to access their training and other tools anytime, anywhere, Boardline provides a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Q7: We know there is always something to learn when becoming a new board member. What specifically will Boardline teach newcomers?

Boardline helps those who are new board members or even experienced board members learn the role of being a board member. Our learning platform will teach newcomers the ins and outs of governing documents, what their responsibilities are as a board member, communicating with homeowners, and how to best fulfill their duties. This is so critical because board decisions impact the lives of hundreds of homeowners. We are in the business of providing the tools needed to help create vibrant communities.

Q8: We know that keeping up with current content allows members to do their job more efficiently. Does Boardline offer any other type of content?

Each month, Boardline covers timely topics. This can be anything that is current and important to board members. And, it is free for those who have a free account with Boardline. These topics are typically delivered through webinars, podcasts, blogs, etc. It is the perfect way to stay on top of the ever-changing world of HOA rules and best practices.

Q9: What else would you like to share about Boardline that we didn’t cover?

We are incredibly grateful to anyone who chooses to serve their community by being a board member. That’s why we’ve made our forever free experience for all association board members. Any board member can download our mobile app and get access to our board crash course and other materials at no cost. Those who want more extensive training can choose to upgrade. Like directors and officer insurance, an investment in board training is one of the most valuable and least expensive ways an association can minimize risk and create a thriving community.

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