Short-Term Rentals: The Revolving Neighbor Next Door

The proliferation of short-term rentals in HOAs across the country is largely due to their popularity as a travel option.

While short-term rentals make for a great vacation home away from home, many homeowners and board members alike may wonder how to balance short-term renting with the importance of maintaining a safe and orderly neighborhood.

This is why we’ve created a webinar that covers the issue of short-term rentals and their effects on your HOA.

Join us for a 20 minute workshop where you will learn how to gauge whether or not allowing short-term rentals makes sense for your community.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a short-term rental is.
  • The pros and cons of short-term rentals in an HOA.
  • What can HOAs do to prohibit or regulate short-term rentals?