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Training on Your Time

Enjoy bite-sized lessons whenever, wherever. Our large content bank of HOA-specific training allows you to get the knowledge you need in 3 minutes or less.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Learning Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Navigate our user-friendly platform with ease. Choose how you want to learn – there's an option suited
to your learning style!


Where Training
Meets Gaming

Level up your learning! Boardline gamifies the training process with fun, interactive lessons that encourage retention while keeping learners engaged.

Ask Mingo

Answering Your
Specific Industry

Get customized support from industry
experts who are ready to help you with all
things HOA-related.

Instant Answers

Got Questions?
Find Answers.

Get quick answers to HOA questions with our comprehensive knowledge base, so your board members can get what they need to serve their HOA with confidence.

Timely Tips & Helpful Reminders

More Content
at Your Fingertips

Get even more value with additional tips and
reminders. From best practices to modern tools, we’ll
cover everything you need to keep your HOA running