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In Part I of our two-part series on fair housing law, we discuss what the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) says, the potential costs of FHA violations, and who is protected under the FHA.

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In this webinar, we talk about what short-term rentals are, examine the pros and cons of short-term rentals in community associations, and look at ways associations may regulate short-term rentals.

For our five-part webinar “Ask the Expert: Let’s Talk Reserve Studies,” we invited reserve specialist Andrew Stoutenburg to talk to us about what reserve studies do for associations, how reserve studies are conducted, why reserve studies are so important, and the best practices for scheduling a reserve study.

In Part II of our two-part series on fair housing law, we talk about what discrimination is, how it may arise in a community association, and how an association can avoid discrimination claims

Tune in to learn more about what committees do for community associations, how the board can create a committee, and how the board can responsibly manage association committees.

In this crash course on preparing the annual budget, we cover how to determine your association’s annual budget deadlines, how to prepare the budget document, and how to decide whether your association should cut costs or raise assessments.

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